A micro-poem inspired by Joy Harjo

Photo by Quinton Coetzee on Unsplash

The poem I just wrote is not real.
And neither are the post-it notes
stuck all over my heart
by men who wanted me to orbit them.
And neither are the gargoyles
on my chest, debating about who
presses down better.
And neither is the black hole
inside my mind…



A free-verse poem written after Misha Collins

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Now that we have been apart
For two years,
let me tell you
how I imagined
the details of your existence
these 730 days.
It was always
comprised of thoughts
Like, how disheveled
you woke up,
How you trotted
on the sidewalks
of the places you visited,
What new rivulets…



A list poem inspired by Amy Kay

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  1. An underrated song with no guarantee of repeated listens

2. A trinket shop that gives high discounts

3. A crossword puzzle with no clues

4. A fallen leaf, stamped even after the crunch died

5. A rant with no end

6. A basement of unwanted drivel

7. A glass museum



A nonet poem

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Their mouths open, they wait for their mom
My repulsion slides off my chest
This birdsong in this village
is the only comfort
Listening to their
incessant chirps
I wrap sleep

©Kavya Janani. U

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