Hey Mirror Soul, This is My Legacy

A free-verse poem

Kavya Janani. U


Photo by ali syaaban on Unsplash

If you’d believe in silly superstitions,
you must be choking by now.

Every moment would be tainted
with your incessant chokes.

You’d choke to the heaven and back.
On every morsel of the food you eat.
On every drop of the water you drink.

Because that’s how much I think of you.

Every fraction of every second.
Every atom of time, I think of you.

And I miss you.

I’d leave these thoughts about you as a
legacy for all other mirror souls.

©Kavya Janani. U

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Kavya Janani. U

I'm just a speck in the universe mommying, reading, writing poems-stories-songs, singing, making playlists, and working 9-5.